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A Silver bowl has a mass of 1.78kg. It is shaped like a cylinder and has a diameter of 35.0 cm and a height of 8.00cm. It is placed in water. Find (a)the volume of water it displaces, (b) The buoyant force exerted on it by the water, and(c)how deeply it sinks into the water.

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    (1) The volume of the displaced water is 1.78 kg divided by the density of water, 1000 kg/m^3.
    That is 1.78*10^-3 m^3 or 1780 cm^3

    (2) The buoyant force (in Newtons) is 1.78 kg * 9.8 m/s^2

    (3) How deeply it floats depends upon its position in the water. Is the cylinder axis parallel or perpendicular to the water surface?

    Comparing the displaced water volume to the cylinder volume will tell you the fraction that is under water.

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    This cylinder is in the left front coernr it is the float switch. It should not leak there unless the tub is cracked. Most likely the the coernr baffels are what is leaking. They are super easy to replace. The simply pull out and you can press the new ones right in. If you had left a model number I could of given you the part numbers. There is a left and right one, replace both at the same time for best proformance. Good luck. Was this answer helpful?

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