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a chamber contains 5.5 grams of hydrogen gas another chamber contains chlorine when the valve is opened the react to form hydrogen chloride with a mass 1995.5 grams. What is the mass of chlorine?

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    moles HCl = 1995.5/molar mass HCl = ?
    ? moles HCl x molar mass HCl = grams HCl.
    g HCl x (molar mass Cl2/2*molar mass HCl)= grams Cl2.

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    i don't really understand could you do it again pls and thanks. it was 199.5 my bad

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    for total mass

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    H2 + Cl2 ==> 2HCl

    The first post was the short way; however, I put an extra step that is not needed (but it didn't change the answer) and that may be what confused you. Here is a better way.
    moles HCl produced = grams/molar mass = 199.5/36.5 = about 5.5 (but you do it more accurately).
    Now use the coefficients in the balanced equation to convert moles HCl to moles Cl2.
    5.5 moles HCl x (1 mol Cl2/2moles HCl) = 5.5 x (1/2) = 2.75 moles Cl2.
    grams Cl2 = moles Cl2 x molar mass Cl2 = about 195 grams. Interesting.

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