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A block of metal floats in oil of density 700Kg/m3 with 3/4 of volume in mass. Find the density of metal.

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    displacement mass: 3/4 V*700kg/m^3

    because this also equals the mass of the metal...

    density metal= massabaove/V= .75*700kg/m^3

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    Well, let us assume that the block has a volume of one cubic meter.
    Then 0.75 cubic meter is in the oil.
    The mass of the block is then 0.75 * 700 = 525 kg
    so mass/volume =
    525 kg/1m^3 = 525 kg/m^3

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    Thanks alot, bobpursley and Damon. But I didn't understand where did we get the mass 1cm'3. Please, help.

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