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What term best describes the Texas legislature?

a. moderate professional
b. citizen
c. moderate professional/citizen
d. congressional

I would say C is the answer from this paragraph.

Today the Texas legislature falls between those legislatures that are highly professional and those that are classified as citizen or amateur legislatures. The Texas legislature has become increasingly professional over time and this development is likely to continue.

My english is weak but this the correct answer right?

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    Probably, according to your book. Obviously, the State Department of Education has quality stamped that book with the lastest Right Wing Views.

    However, It is difficult for me to label the term "professional" to our Legislature. Their mix of social philosophy, greed, and power, reminds me very much of self-interest and positive discrimination against minorities, women, and the poor.

    If I had to choose answer e, it would be not be kind, given the last session budget smoke and mirrors.

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    I wish I could choose e as well. But unfortunately I guess I would have to go with C

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