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I am still trying to figure out the meter in the poem On the Amtrak from Boston to New York City. Looking at the types of meter I narrowed it down to iambic pentameter and anapestic. I thought the meter was anapestic because of the 2 unaccented syllables followe by 1 accented syllables. I am not sure if this is right. I know the imagery and I know the symbolism to the poem and am not asking for help in that but meter is confusing to me even though I am researching it. I looked through google about the meter and still only get info on what I already have which is the types of meter. I am struggling to determine the type if someone could tell me if at least I am in the right direction

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    It does sound like a mix of iambic and trochaic pentameter. Most lines seem to have ten syllables or so, and most of the "feet" seem to be iambs, but not all.

    I think the poet is trying to keep something of a meter and rhythm, but also make it fairly close to modern-day casual speech/thinking. Since there is a certain level of bitterness and anger in the poem, he may also be reflecting those emotions when the meter seems to shift.

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