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I have a few doubts.I hope you can help me.Thank you.

1) Can you recommend a site where children aged 6-7 can learn English?
2) My child likes playing games on his Nintendo DS.
3) How can you express this: what do you do when you finish surfing the net?
You go off line (??)
4) Which is the correct verb to use when you touch the screen of your cell phone to change the image? Can you send me a list of actions you perform when using your mobile phone?
5) She is being rude to him. Sha has been behaving rudely towards him recently Can you use the present perfect continuous??)

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    2. OK

    3. You're wording is correct. I'd put a hyphen between "off" and "line," however.

    4. The correct verb is either "touch" or "tap."

    I do these things on my cell phone: I make and receive phone calls. I check my voicemail. I send and receive email and text messages. I check my calendar. I find things by means of the Google app. I can determine where something is by means of the maps app. I can read a book by means of the Kindle app, and it will sync itself with where I am in the book on my Kindle at home. I play games. I listen to music, either through the earphones or through SYNC in the car. (Want more??)

    5. Check the spelling of the first word of the second sentence. And yes, present continuous is fine.

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    1. I've sent you these before, and they can be used by or adapted for people of any age:



    You can also find many more by Googling different search terms. Here's what I found by searching for online esl games:

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