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Are my sentences correct with the following directions?
(Sentences below directions)

Using California as a topic, number and write one example of each of the following:
1. A completely correct simple sentence with an appositive in it.
2. A sentence with redundant language. Type the redundant language in ALL-CAPS.
3. A sentence with a parenthetical element in it.

1. California, the sunshine state, attracts many tourists.

2. The summer weather in California is known to be HOT and SWELTERING.

3. California, however, has cold and rainy winters.

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    Good job.

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    If your teacher marks #3 incorrect, he/she may want you to use an appositive or a relative clause or something longer than one word as the parenthetical element. (If your teacher marks #3 correct, then you'll know he/she is accepting conjunctive adverbs as parenthetical.)

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