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I'm posting you the ones I'm most doubtful of.

1) Where can I find a complete list of uncountable nouns in English?
2) What kind of television programmes do you like watching?
I like watching current affairs programmes so I can keep up to date with what happens in the world.
3) What's on Channel 4 tonight?
There's an important football match, Liverpool versus Juventus. Are they showing it live or just recorded highlights?
4) Can you switch/turn over to Channel 5
He likes zapping (how do you say: keep changing channel on your remote controller?)
6) EastEnders is on tonight at 8. What was the last good TV programme you saw/watched? Was there anything good on 7) How old were the people on the programme (not in the programme)?
How do you call the annual fee you pay to watch the national channels?
Can you say:I'm a Sky subscriber?

  • English -

    1) is well written, but would you REALLY like a list?

    4) I'd end with a question mark = "Channel 5?" OR "Channel 5"? (British style)

    zap = switch, change, zoom, troll
    (I see no number 5.)

    6) end punctuation = good on 7?

    It could be "in" or "on"

    annual fee = commitment, encumbrancve, liability, obligation?



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