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Math,fraction word problem

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a total of 9litres of orange syrup was poured equally into 6jug. Susan poured 2over5 litres of orange syrup from a jug into a glass&drank it.she found the syrup too sweet,so she added 4over5 litres of water into the jug she had.find the total amount of orange syrup in the jug after she added 4over5 litres of water

  • Math,fraction word problem -

    Having poured 3/2 liters of syrup into each jug, she then drank 2/5 liters. The jug then held 1.5-0.4 = 1.1 liters of syrup.

    After she poured from the jug, the amount of syrup in the jug wouldn't change, no matter how much water was added.

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