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Help, I can't find the pattern rule for this sequence(eg. -6,-3,2,9,18 and the pattern rule is n squared-7)

The pattern: 6,28,64,114,178.
What's the pattern rule?

The pattern: 96,84,64,36.
What's the pattern rule?

The pattern: 0,24,216,960.
What's the pattern rule?

  1. Steve

    These appear to be susceptible to solution using Newton's Divided Difference method.

    For the first one,

    n: 1 2 3 4 5
    f(n): 6 28 64 114 178
    d1(n)=f(n+1)-f(n): 22 36 50 64
    d2(n)=[d1(n+1)-d1(n)]/2: 7 7 7 7

    The second differences are constant. So, the final function has coefficients from the first entry in each row:

    f(n) = 6 + 22(n-1) + 7(n-1)(n-2)
    f(n) = 7x^2 + x - 2

    This is the polynomial of lowest degree which fits all the given data points.

    Read up on the method, and you can do the others easily. A web search on "divided difference interpolation formula" reveals lots of articles, and even a calculator at the ucla site.

  2. Jen

    pattern rule for
    2,3, ___, 7, 11, 13, 17, ___

  3. sara

    8,9,11,14 , , ,

  4. Mason

    15,10,5 I need A. B. C. I need the number pattern

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