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math alg - inequality

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2 word problems
write an inequality for each problem. solve the ineequality.
the school record for the most points scored in a football season is 85. lawrence has 44 points so far this season. how many more points does he need to break the record?

i wrote p +44 >85

2) the maximum weight limit for a fully loaded truck is 16,000 pounds. the truck you are loading currently weights 12,500 pounds. how much more weight caN BE ADDED AND NOT EXCEED THE weight limit? i wrote:
w - 12,500 less than or equal to 16,000

are these right ? i don't know
how to type the sign for
less than or equal to < with line under
greater than or equal to >with line under
i wrote :

  • math alg - inequality -

    type <= or >=. It's easy to understand.

    answer (1) is right
    answer (2) should be w + 12500 <= 16000
    since the total weight is 12500 plus what you want to add.

  • math alg - inequality -

    anything is write once you try hard. This to all my beliebers out there. ≥

  • math alg - inequality -


  • math alg - inequality -

    U put the <,> sign then _ under it

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