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Thank you very much. I'm posting the whole summary to you again because I think there are a few more things to check.

1.In the first part the ancient Mariner stops a wedding guest to tell him his dreadful tale. He tells how he and his fellow mariners reached the equator and the Polar regions after a violent storm.
2. After several days an albatross appeared through the fog and was killed by the mariner.
2. In the second part the Mariner begins to suffer punishment for what he has done. The ship has ceased to move and the sailors are tortured by thirst. The only moving creatures are slimy creatures in the sea at night.
3. In the third part the Mariner’s guilty soul is aware (your correction) of what he has done and of his isolation from the world.
4. A phantom ship comes closer to the doomed crew and is identified as a skeleton ship. Death and Life-in Death cast dice; the former wins the Mariner’s fellows, who all die, and the latter wins the Mariner’s life.
5.In the fourth part this sense of solitude is stressed. Then the Mariner blesses the water snakes and re-establishes a relationship with the world of nature.

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    I found no problem!


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