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here is a list of individual people who helprd Aamerica gain independence from Britian... Can you add to it???
Please an Thank you.
Martha Washington
John Adams
Charles Cornwallis
Thomas Jefferson
Frederick William, baron von Steuben
John Jay
George III
John Hancock

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    Exactly how did Martha Washington, General Cornwallis, and George III help?

    Frankly, I would have looked to Ben Franklin, Tom Paine, and George Washington before any of them.

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    I guess Martha didn't realy help aside from comfprting George..:( Dang I really wanted to include her... all well.......
    But Charles Cornwallis did help, he led several successful early campaigns during the American Revolution, securing British victories at New York, Brandywine and Camden.
    George ||| was a mistake although he did play a minor role.

    thank you for the other names, I will be sure to include them.

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    again, Cornwallis was not helping much when he defeated the Americans. Geepers. Do you generally win a war by losing?

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