None of my questions are being answered

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I need serious help for the questions i put on here and no one is helping me? ive tried using different names, subjects and said please and thank you and no one has yet helped me. I'm not impressed by this.

Thanks but no thanks for the help.

  • None of my questions are being answered -

    Check again.

  • None of my questions are being answered -

    Quite often we do not have enough teachers available to meet the demand. When that happens, priority is given to students who show that that have made an effort or given some thought to the problem. Sad to say, there are too few of them.

    I don't see any posts by "cabe"

  • None of my questions are being answered -

    From Cabe I found nothing either although there was a question about an organization CABE.

    There were 2 for math (one was algebra) by Jake and Eliza also posted math.

    I try to answer every one that HAS no answer if I can, but I do NOT do math in any form!

    Sra (aka Mme)

  • None of my questions are being answered -

    Perhaps you meant cade, and you can't keep track of the names you are using.

    Cade has been answered.

  • None of my questions are being answered -

    1. Stop using multiple names. Pick one and stick with it.

    2. Make sure you ask a coherent question and don't just post a problem or assignment and expect someone else to do it for you.

    3. Make sure you indicate what YOU HAVE DONE so far to answer your question.

    4. Realize that all tutors are volunteers and that we don't have tutors for all subject areas.

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