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Using California as a topic, number and write one example of each of the following:
1. A completely correct simple sentence (see Grammar Glossary if you need to) with an appositive in it.
2. A sentence with redundant language. Type the redundant language in ALL-CAPS.
3. A sentence with a parenthetical element in it.

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    How would you like us to help you with this assignment?

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    Three sentences involving:
    1. A completely correct simple sentence with an appositive in it about California.

    2. A sentence with redundant language about California.

    3. A sentence about California with a parenthetical element in it.

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    The first step in HELPING you is to make sure you've followed the first part of this assignment.

    What did you learn from the "Grammar Glossary" about

    simple sentences



    parenthetical elements?

    After I'm sure you know these meanings, I'll be glad to HELP you write the sentences.

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    Redundant is when two different words are used in a sentence but mean the same thing. ( I cannot think of a sentence for this one.)

    A parenthetical is an an add-on to a sentence but does not necessarily interrupt it. Is this a good example?
    California, to say the least, is a great place to raise a family.

    An appositive is something that identifies a preceding noun. Is this a good example? I live in California, one of the fifty states in the USA.

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    You sure wasted a lot of time.

    Did you ever TRY TO WRITE the sentences you need? If you did, post them, and someone here will check them for you. We will NOT, however, do them for you.

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    Yes, my examples for my sentences are in my answer to your previous question above.

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