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write the corresponding subshell leters for the combinations given. Fill in the possible number of electrons for these subshells.

1) n=1
2) l value=0
3) l letter?
4) "nl"Designation
5) Maxium # of electrons

the table shows n values of 1, 2,2,3,3,4 with l values of 0,0,1,0,1,20 in that order. Question numbers 3-5 have to be filled in but I do not understand how to do this. Could someone please explain how to do one of them and then I can try the rest. Thank You!!

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    3) for l = 0 we name it an s orbital. 0 is s, 1=p, 2=d, 3=f
    4)"nl" is 1s

    This looks straight forward to me. 1 and 2 are given. 3 will be s,p,d, or f. 4 is just the combo of n as a number along with l as a letter.

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    o ok i think i understand and what would the maximum number of electrons be?

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    So for the following:

    2) l=0
    3) l letter= s
    4) nl designation= 2s

    Are numbers 2 and 3 correct?

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    This looks ok. For ANY value of l (be it s,p,d,or f electron) you can have a maximum of 2 electrons. One will be ms = 1/2 and the other ms of -1/2.

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    o ok. In my textbook it shows a chart with electron shells and it has the maximum electrons possible for nth shell (2n^2). What does this mean?

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    For n = 1, max = 2 (2*1^2 = 2)
    For n = 2, mas = 8 (2*2^2 = 8) This does NOT change what I said about 2 electrons being the max for s, p, d, or f orbitals. For n = 2, we have both s and p electrons. There can be 2s and 6p and that totals 8 which is 2n^2. Thinking back on my earlier answers, I assumed max number of electrons meant max for a specific orbital. If you interpret the question to mean max number in the n shell, then 2n^2 is what you want to go with.

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    ok so for n=3 and l value 0 it would be the the nl would be 3s and max electrons would be 18?

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    the question then says to expand the above values in the table for all the l values of n=4. Are more possible for n=5?

    I am not sure what they mean by expand it but I think that there are more values for n=5.

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    Based on the nl designation and max # of electrons above, write the electron configuration for carbon.

    1s2 2s2 2p2 or [He]2s2 2p2

    How many electrons are in the first shell n=1? These are the core electrons for carbon.

    I think two are in the first shell

    How many valence electrons are there in carbon?
    there are 4

    Are these correct?

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