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I write a moral delima story could you please read it and give your idea about the below story

In the 50s; before the black people use their rights. There was a man called Momo he was from America in an organization called the klu klux klan (kkk) it was a group against the African Americans, there was an African American girl called Rita; she was exceptionally beautiful; she was gorgeous, and she lived with her parents.
Momo was going to his work he owned a grocery store. One day, on his way to the store he saw a lot of African American coming to the city he got angry because he is racist and hated anyone do not belong to his race from that time he joined the klu Klux klan (kkk). He began to fight against he treated them like slaves. During the day, back to home he saw two black people walking he began abusing them and beat them up. The people who belong to (kkk) organization were proud of him because he always help the white people against the African American.
After two years in the organization, he went and attacked a black family lived near to his store during the attacked he fought with them and killed the old man called Mattew and seriously injured Steve. After a while, a black woman called Rita came to the store to buy things when he saw her his heart fell in love with her it was the first time that he treated an African American in a good way. He began to determine who is she and where she lived he knew that she related to Mattew and Steve, Mattew was her father and Steve is her brother from that moment he felt guilty for what he did he started to infer with her and Rita fell in love with him.
Momo wants to marry her, but there were many causes to prevent this marriage. First, his parents refuse the relationship between of them, they began to treat him in a bad why and did not take anything from him and always putting him down and in addition that he was in the organization community if he married a black woman they will called him a traitor and will kill him so he sat alone thinking what he wanted to do to solve his conflict. But just after few months he decided to marry her secretly. Whenever he saw her, he felt guilty because he remembered what he did to her family. He does not want children because they will be born biracial, if they are born like that their lives would be miserable because they will not be welcome in the community. Rita wants children Momo asked Rita “do you need our children to have a miserable life” Rita answered “no honey I want them to have the best life ever” Momo “so do not think of children know”.
After few months of their marriage, the people in the organization felt something wrong happened to Momo he was one of the best member in the organization that always stood against the African American. He stopped to attend the meetings, so they began to track him, after few months they found out everything about him that he married to African American they tried to kill his wife.
Momo left the organization, and knew that they are trying to kill him and his parents are helping the organization. Momo began to hide every day from place to place he decided to fight them back so, he was a professional shooter he bought guns and weapons and combined forces with the African American against the (kkk). They began fighting against them the people in the (kkk) filled their feelings with hate and wanted to catch Momo. One day, Momo’s father called John to watch and followed him and knew where he was hiding, He called the group to catch Momo, they decided to organize a plan, John left the place then five men surrounded the place started fighting. After longtime of fight, Momo was injured but his main point was to allow his wife to escape.
The Klu Klux klan captured him and took him to an abandoned place where no one knew where he was they began to torture him. After two days, they brought Rita’s brother, began to heart him and treated him badly. The organization community wanted to punish them started to question them “where is Rita! where did she go?” they refused to answered anything. They got fed up of them and want to finish everything they ordered Momo to kill Steve and brought for him a pistol to kill Steve. Momo refused said “from now on I will never hurt an African American we are all equal” they forced him to kill him before killing he told to Steve “forgive me brother” Steve “for what” he took the gun and place it toward his head and killed himself. Steve knew that Momo killed his father. Therefore, he forgives him for what he did. His sister was unacceptable pregnant, she knew that her husband died in honor, felt terribly sad, and happy in the same time because she pregnant from him so, she escape with her brother to another country after few months she delivered child she called him Junior Momo and they lived happy ever after.

Thank you for your early response

  • English -

    "In the 50s;" = not a semicolon but a comma = 50s, before the black people used their rights, there was a man named Mome who was from America in an organization called the Klu Klux Klan (KKK). It was a group against the African Americans. There was an African American girl called Rita who was exceptionally beautiful; she was gorgeous and she lived with her parents.

    I can already see that you have a giant problem with punctuation.

    Now, would you please pick it up from here with proper punctuation? I do not have time to rewrite the entire th ing.

    Here are a few more things: Mattaew is misspelled = Mathew (at least 3 times)and catch all the (KKK)

    As for the story itself, it's a good one, BUT with the punctuation you have (or rather, do NOT have) you can not possibly get a grade to reflect your imagination.

    When I graded essays (and there were many) I always gave 2 grades. One was for the creativity = A for you but one was for the grammar/mechanics = F for you.

    After you have done what you can do, feel free to repost and I'll try proofreading again, OK?


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