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Write the equation for this situation: the value, v, in hundreds of dollars, of Bob’s stamp collection is 12 dollars more than 1/3 of the age, t (in years).

Then graph the equation and use the graph to determine the value of Bob’s coin collection if it is 9 years old.

Please show all of your work.

  • algebra -

    v = (1/3)t + 12

    to plot this, the easiest way (for me) is to get the x- and y-intercept (in this case, the x-axis = t-axis, and y-axis = v-axis).
    to get t-intercept, we let v = 0 and solve for t:
    v = (1/3)t + 12
    0 = (1/3)t + 12
    -(1/3)t = 12
    t = -36
    thus t-intercept is at (-36, 0)

    to get v-intercept, we let t = 0 and solve for v:
    v = (1/3)t + 12
    v = 12
    thus v-intercept is at (0, 12).

    to plot, locate these points. connect them, and extend on both ends. you must plot this accurately since you need to find the value of v at t = 9.

    hope this helps~ :)

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