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I have presentation on Purchasing candels and i want to make sure what am presenting is right. Please tell me what i have is right or wrong. Thanks!

1) Identify 3 main tasks/responsibilities of purchasing: Personnel and comparing assistance nedded.

1) Get the best deal, getting bills paid on time, report changes, purchase goods for salses, checklists of goods delieverd.

Responsibilties: Reminding of another, reliable, prioritization, goal settingm concentration & focuse, guiding and giving instructions.

2)Identify & explain 5 communication competence needed for purchasing:

2) Specialization in negation/supervising supply contracts, create desire/provide reassurance a
nd demonstrates.

3) Role play an example of a problem associated with Purchasing and how you could slove it by using effective communication skills:

3) can you please give suggestions for this part.

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