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About 9 out of 10 adults think it is a good idea to exercise regularly. But the ones who think it is a good idea, only 1 in 6 actually exercises at least 3 times a week. At this rate, how many of the 300 employees in our company exercise regularly?

What I did so far was write this:

9/10 = x/300

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    That's a good start.

    1/6 = x/270

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    The answer depends upon how one defines "regularly". If they mean "at least three times a week", the answer is
    (9/10)*(1/6)*300 = 45

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    = 45

    not really a proportion problem

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    How do I state this question?
    Is it..
    - At least 45 employees exercise regularly out of that rate

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    About 45 employees in the company exercise regularly

  • Ratio and proportion -

    It's because of the different rates that confuse me.

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    well, 9/10 of the 300 want to do it
    and (1/6) of that (9/10) actually do it
    so 1/6 * 9/10 * 300

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