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British Taxes - The student will evaluate the cause and effect relationship of British tax policies concerning the colonies.

In March 1765, the British parliament announced a stamp tax. Starting that November, American colonists would be charged taxes on multiple printed items
including newspapers, wills, stamps (obviously) and even playing cards! In most cases, tax would be very small, beginning at a half penny.
The British were surprised at the colonists reaction. The American colonists, who had recently fought in support of Britain, now rose up in protest against the taxes before they even went into effect.
The protests began with petitions which led to refusals to pay the taxes, which eventually led to property damage and harassment of officials. The Stamp Act protests established a pattern of action that, in some cases, would involve physical assault.

How did I do?

  • Social Studies-Amrican History -

    Do not add ''Obviously'' to your answer, sarcasam is really not needed and makes it sound informal.
    You should add what day the stamp act was added,
    and what types of physical assault, maybe end on a better sentence.
    These are some tips, in how I would do it if I was the student in your situation.


  • Social Studies-Amrican History -

    What day was the stamp act announced?

  • Social Studies-Amrican History -


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