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Now I need help with: Short paragraph(s)outlining how I plan to find resources and evaluate my resources for credibility.

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    We'll be glad to help you -- but we don't know how YOU plan to find and evaluate resources.

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    I have no idea where to start with the "finding resources part." That where I need your help comes in.

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    My bad! I forgot to tell you what the topic is....hmmmm..not to smart!I have to find resources on discrimination. I understand discrimination is a very "broad" subject. I believe any part of the topic would be fine. Let say, gender in the workplace, put downs, etc.

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    After you narrow the topic, you still have the questions of this assignment. How do you plan to find resources?

    Another search engine?

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    How will you evaluate these sites for credibility?

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    Good question! Not to be sarcastic but I have never done this before. Any help I can get will be a plus.

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