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why did the iroquois clear land outside of the wall?

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    What wall?

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    Like when they build longhouses they build walls around their village to raise crops and to spot approching enemies.

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    It was easier to spot encroaching enemies without trees to hide them. Also -- didn't they plant crops outside the walls?

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    oh so that's the reason why they clear the land outside of the wall"

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    oh never mind i didn't see that on my hw now I found the answer
    we r doing a DBQ on the native americans, we are done with unit so as a project/essay we have to do a DBQ for hw we just have to finish in documents, we have 6 documents my teacher made the document packet
    it's like she give us the 3-4 qs in each document and that like it have little info and some pictures
    did 2 documents on class so for hw we just hav 2 finish it

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