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A field trip for free everyday at school. Examples they are bad?


    I'm sorry, but I don't understand what you want us to do. Please explain.

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    Please phrase this into a comprehensible question. What you're asking doesn't make sense to me.


    Help me get examples of what would happen if there were fiel trips everyday for school for free. Help me come up what bad stuff would happen


    Like what bad stuff would happen to the school teachers and people


    #1 -- Schools/districts would run out of money pretty fast.

    #2 -- Students wouldn't learn much because there would be no lessons or learning time in class or on their own.

    You know that saying -- All work and no play make Jack a dull* boy -- yes? Well, the opposite is true, too. All play and no work make Jack a dull** boy.

    *not much fun to be around

    **not very knowledgeable about anything!


    If there were field trips every day, the students would get bored with them. Also, they wouldn't learn very much of the important subjects like math, English, science, and social studies.

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