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I urgently need you to check these sentences. Thank you.

1) We'll agree on which students to include in the project during our parent-teacher class committees, (which will be held) in November.
2)It’s no use trying to convince him.
It's no good (I need an example)
3) I couldn’t help thinking about him.
4) I’d prefer to swim rather than play tennis.
I'd prefer to swim instead of playing tennis.
5) I prefer swimming to playing tennis.
I long/can't wait for him to arrive.
I'm waiting for him to arrive.
6) I’m used /accustomed to playing cards after dinner. On/During my Christmas holiday I spent time reading books.
The teacher made me (is "caused me" possible??) repeat the exercise.

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    It's no good trying to convince him to join the math club. He just won't do it.

    I can't wait ...

    I'm used to ...

    (don't use "caused me")

    Everything else is fine.

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