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Can someone edit this essay?
Topic is "if given funding for a small engineering project, what would you do?"
250 word limit

Millions of Americans purchase bottled water everyday simply because they don't like the taste of their own tap water. While most Americans take clean water for granted, many people in the Third World have no choice but to drink water they know is contaminated. Nearly one in eight people worldwide lack access to a clean, reliable water source. The clean water shortage in Third World countries has quickly become an epidemic, with close to 1.4 million children dying each year due to water contamination. This has been the basis of an uphill battle the world has been losing for quite some time now. There have been countless efforts, many successful, in attempt to help solve this dilemma. However, most attempts have required large amounts of capitol and sadly, haven't reached out to nearly enough people. As a result, many are still in a state of crisis.
That is why, if given funding, I would develop a personal device that could be used to filter the contaminated water already present. This portable filter could be worn around the neck allowing it to be taken directly to the water source, giving the user the opportunity to instantly filter his or her water. It would also be small and easily mass produced allowing a myriad of people access to otherwise unsafe water. Thus, this device would be much more cost efficient and would be able to help a much broader range of people, improving health conditions at a much quicker rate than before.

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    Well done and all too true! However, try alkaline water (9) if you can because disease prefers an acidic system.

    "in attempt" might be "in an attempt?"


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