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biology 110

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name 4 functions of the nose.

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    The nose itself is made mostly of cartilage, skin, and a mucous membrane lining. It is often called the "air conditioning chamber" because it warms and moistens air before it goes to the lungs. It consists of the nasal passages, the inferior and superior conchas, and the paranasal sinuses.(wikianswers)

  • biology 110 -

    are you seriously asking what the functions of the nose are? Read the book it can't be that hard. To think one day you are working in the medical field and actually taking care of people with no sense of anything.

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    Concentrating on the word "function" I would have answered that the nose does the following:
    1. Olfaction (smelling)
    2. Respiration (breathing)
    3. Protecting the lower airways


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