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A movie projector is 6 ft away from the screen showing a rectangular picture that is 3 ft wide and 2 ft high.

A. Suppose the projector is moved to 12 ft from the screen. What size will the picture be (width, height, and area)? I figured 6 wide, 4 high, 24 area. Is this correct?

B. Suppose the projector is moved to a point 9 ft from the screen. What size will the picture be (width, hieght, and area? I'm confused on this one.

Many thanks!

  • Pre-Algebra -

    suppose the projector is moved to a point 9 ft from the screen. what size will the picture be (width, height, and area) please help

  • Pre-Algebra -

    a:w=6 h=4 a=24

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