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Could you please check these few sentences for me, please? Thanks

1) He is ambitious and thirsty for power.
He turns into a murderous tyrant as a result of his ambition.
2) A vote was taken (do you know a synonym) in the late afternoon.
On July 4 (on July fourth)
but on the fourth of July.
3) The witches aren't able to distinguish between good and evil.
4) I hope you can wait until 10 November because we have to discuss which class to include in the project. What do you thing of including students from class 11 (16-year-old students?)

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    For #2, who did the voting? Then a better sentence can be written.

    In #4, it's "think" -- and put the question mark outside parentheses at the end of the sentence.

    The others are fine.

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