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Trevor buys 12 party favors. He spends the same amount of money on hats as on party favors. He spends twice as much on noisemakers as on party favors. How
many hats and noisemakers does he buy?
party favors for $0.75 each, hats for
$0.45 each, and noisemakers for he buy?

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    Buy h hats, p partyfavors, n noisemakers

    money: .75p = .45h
    ?n = 2*.75p
    items: p = 12

    p costs 12*.75 = 9.00
    .45h = 9.00 so h = 20
    ?n = 18.00

    Since we don't know how much noisemakers cost each, we're stuck. Their cost is 18.00.

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