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I have to write a comparative essay please review it for me thank you.

Antigone and Whale Rider
In the play Antigone by Sophocles and movie whale rider directed by Caro. The two characters are Paikea and Antigone they both have similarities in common .Both are considered Hero’s because they go through hardship .
First , Antigone has a conflict with her uncle Creon after her brother’s death, Creon became the king . The conflict between Antigone and Creon was that she want to bury her brother Polynices, Creon made a law that who buries Polynices will be killed . Antigone fate that she was caught by the guards “the girl was burying him. As simple as that”(Sophocles11). This show us that her uncle was angry and strict and will punish her and there is a conflict between her and Creon. Likewise In the movie whale rider Piakea has a conflict with her grandfather Koro. The conflict was that Piakea was the new chief but her grandfather Koro didn’t accept her as a chief because girl’s can’t be wise leaders always putting her down and doesn’t want her to join boys school to learn about their traditions and old culture he refuse’s everything from her. Both the play and the movie are significant because they both have a conflict with a close relative Pia with her Grandfather Koro and Antigone with her uncle Creon they go through hardship.
Secondly , In the play Anitgone was considered a hero in front of Thebes city because she buried her brother Polyncies Antigone has a tragic downfall . Therefore she respected the gods law, “the people of Thebes don’t call it a disease”(19). This show us that the people of Thebes thinks of her that she’s a hero a deserve to live. In the same way, Piakea is considered a hero in front of the village because she saved the whales that where beached at the sea shore ,Piakea was the new chief and whale rider. Hence, she saved the whales and she got sick and put her life in danger she is considered a tragic hero. This is significant because they both were considered hero’s and everyone is proud of them in the movie the whale rider Koro told to Piakea that she is “wise leader”(Caro) and Antigone had a downfall she was killed .
In Antigone she had people defending her Ismene and Haemon . When Antigone was caught her sister Ismene was defending her and telling to Creon that she will die with her sister “to die with you for Polyncies sake?”(14). Haemon was defending Antigone and told his father Creon that she is an hero and the people of Thebes thinks of her the same “the people of Thebes don’t call it a disease”(19). This clearly shows us that these two people are defending her and loving Antigone .Similarly to the movie her grandmother (Nanny) Flowers was always defending her “ when her grandfather saw her at school when they reached home he was angry and her grandmother was defending Piakea and told him that she was watching”(Caro). Therefore, her grandmother is defending her because she loves her and see her as an hero . This is significant because both have people defending them ,helping them to solve their conflicts and hardships .
In conclusion , they both have conflicts with a close relative , two of them are considered hero’s in the eyes of the people , and having people defending and helping them to solve their problems . they have tragic downfall in Antigone being kill and Whale rider Piakea put’s her life in danger .

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    Paikea and Antigone they both have similarities in common = delete "they" = P & A both have...

    considered Hero’s = Heros (not possessive)... hardships (plural)

    and telling to Creon = delete "to" = telling Creon

    she is an hero = she is a hero (or heroine)

    "This show us that the people of Thebes thinks of her that she’s a hero a deserve to live." = people is plursl = This shows us......people think...and deserves to live?

    wales that were beached (spelling error)

    either God's OR Gods'

    nd see her as an hero . = and sees her as a hero

    I notice you leve a space between a word and the comma or period. No, there is no space.

    They (capitalized) or better yet "There is a tragic downfall in Antigone being killed and in Whale Rider because Piakea puts (no hyphen) her life in danger.

    If you have time, I would suggest making ALL the corrections and reposting for final proofreading.


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    Sra thank you very much for yr quick response I really appreciated.
    No problem I have enough time .

    Thanks again

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