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1. Samantha is suffering from fatigue and sometimes cannot make herself get out of bed in the morning. She feels that the world is a sad, unhappy place and would like to be relieved of her existence. Dr. Powell and Samantha examine her feelings very closely and consider the relationships in her life which may have affected her view of life. Dr. Powell is a professional in the field of:

a. clinical psychology
b. neuropsychology.
c. health psychology.
d. evolutionary psychology.

Is it "A"

2. Dr. Wade excitedly explains that the difference between a male and a female is apparent in the structure and function of the brain. She is so pleased that you have asked about her research that she eagerly shares slides of PET scans which support her hypothesis. Dr. Wade's specialty is:

a. clinical psychology.
b. personality psychology.
c. evolutionary psychology.
d. neuropsychology

Is it "D"

  • Psychology -

    D. Health Evolutionary Neuropsychology Clinical Psychology

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