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Ok need help not getting this I'm to descrbe the organizational structure of you selected organization i chose burger king, then Im supposed to compare and contrast that structure with two different organizational structures? I m not sure what to do.

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    Read and study some of these:

    Then choose two other companies and Google them, too.

    Type in "_______" organizational structure
    (put each company's name in place of the line, and include the quotation marks)

    Read, read, read ... take lots of good notes.

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    does that mean two different companys or organizational structures of burger king?

  • mgt/230 -

    Compare/contrast Burger King's organizational structure with TWO OTHER COMPANIES' organizational structures.

  • mgt/230 -

    does organizational structure mean things like the presidents ceo's managers and so on

  • mgt/230 -

    Did you even look at and read any of the links in the search results I gave you this morning?

  • mgt/230 -

    yes i did I'm just not getting it sorry

  • mgt/230 -

    ok i got that part now i don't understand what they want me to understand is this

    evaluate how organizational functions (such as marketing, financel, human resources, and operations) influnce and determine the organizations structure of target?

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