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A concept map was to be created on acids and bases. The concept terms that were given to use were:

aqueous solution,bases,acids,ions,weak bases, strong bases, strong acids, weak acids,dissociation, weak electrolyte, strong electrolyte,reaction,salt, neutralization, hydronium ions, water, hydrogen ions, hydroxide ions.

Linking verbs were also given but you could make up your own.

For my map I wrote: Acids are represented by strong acids and weak acids. Bases include both strong bases and weak bases. Both acids and bases are used in aqueous solution and produce either hydrogen ions and hydronium ions or hydroxide ions. Bases and acids also include strong and weak electrolytes.

Is there anything else I could add to this or fix?

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    Strong acids and strong bases are 100% dissociated; weak acids and weak bases dissociate less than 100%.

    Acids and bases neutralize each other, producing a salt and water.

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    Thank You!!!

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