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Science- physics

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An iron anchor weighs 250 pounds in air and has a weight density of 480 lbs/ft3. If it is immersed in sea water that has a weight density of 64 lbs/ft3, how much force would be required to lift it while immersed?

I know the answer is 217 pounds but I need help on trying to get that! Thanks <3

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    An aluminium bar weighs 17 kg in air. How much force is required to lift the bar while it is immersed in gasoline? The density of aluminium is 170 kg m-3 and that of gasoline is 42 kg m-3.

    My answer:
    Volume of aluminium=(mass of aluminium)/(density of aluminium)
    =17/170=0.1〖 m〗^3(volume of aluminium is equal to volume of gasoline displaced)
    Buoyant force = ρgV
    = 42×10 × 0.1
    = 42 N
    Therefore, force required to lift = Actual weight – Buoyant force
    = 17 ×10-42
    = 170-42
    = 128 N

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