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If there is no conflict resolution in place, a career minded person must learn effective ways of resolving conflict in the workplace by becoming a better communicator and listening. These two steps are great preventive measures in conflict cases.

Workers can also read professional development books and articles about the issue, enroll in workshops or classes about the topic, and also learn from observation and modeling peers and leaders at work who exhibit fair, effective conduct resolution skills of their own.

Jiskha experts what do you advise?

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    What you have suggested is certainly important. Try some of the following links on conflict resolution for more ideas:


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    These might also help.

    1.jpg/Users/david/Documents/Speeches/Conflict Resolution 2.jpg/Users/david/Documents/Speeches/Conflict Resolution 3.jpg/Users/david/Documents/Speeches/Conflict Resolution
    4.jpgcuments/Speeches/Conflict Resolution 4.jpg

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    Sorry, I can't get them in a form where you can read them.

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