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Bête sans âge
Je crie aux gens de 50 ans
Que j’en ai ______
Et que j’ai le temps
De ___________
De ___________
Et de ______________
Et que si je ne pense qu’a ____________
C’est parce que ________
Que j’en ai assez
De parler à __________
Qui __________________
Qui sont __________________________________________
Je crie aux autres
Que ________________________________________________
J’ai _____seize___ ans.

could someone please help me fill in this poem? I'm supposed to be creative with it.

  • french -

    I'll be happy to HELP you after you DO something. Must it rhyme? That is a bit more difficult, but not impossible!

    Here are some French rhyming dictionaries to help you:

    Sra (aka Mme)

  • french -

    no, it doesnt have to rhyme.
    Could you help me translate the poem so i know what it's talking about?

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