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1) what was the purpose of the first continental congress?

2) how did the events of 1776 move the colonists closer to self-government?


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    2) The Declaration of Independence set forth the colonists' grievances and declared their independence from Britain.

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    according to the declaration of independence, if a government does not protect the basic rights of the people it governs, what do people have the right to do?

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    what are the 4 sections of the declaration of independence?

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    it doesn't say anything about the four sections

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    I'm not sure which sections your teacher wants. I see the Declaration broken into these parts:

    We hold these truths self-evident . . .
    Grievances against the king

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    my u.s history book says that in this order:

    1) Preamble
    2) Declaration of Natural Rights
    3) List of Grievances
    4) Resolution of Independence by the United States

    but i kept on searching it on other websites and the websites kept on telling me different things, so i tried Jiskha and you also gave me a different answer, so i am confused???

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    Yes. I just found this site delineating the four sections.


    I said the same thing, but in a more general way.

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    oh ya u did. thanks a lot. =D

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    You're welcome. :-)

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