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I had asked a question the other day but I'm not sure if I'm understanding this- it was a comparison-You said this as a comment: Spanish-8th grade - SraJMcGin, Thursday, October 20, 2011 at 4:02pm

3. also = de las tres actividades
Also, #3 is different because it is not an adjective but a noun. Therefore the sentence might say; Practicar la natación es divertido. Practicar el esquí es más divertido que practicar la natación. Escalar montañas es el más divertido.

My question: isn't climbing mountains feminine so I should put "es la más divertida."
Thank you for explaining it

  • Spanish-SraJMcGin please check -

    If you are saying that "to practice" (practicar) es fun = es difertido.

    But if you are saying "swimming" (la natación is fun) = es divertida.

    Or, in other words, "climbing" (to climb) is fun = es divertido

    BUT if the mountain (la montaña) is fun = es divertida.

    You need to know what the subject is, or what exactly you are comparing.

    If the activity (la actividad) is fun = es divertida.

    Does that help?


  • Spanish-Please recheck-SraJMcGin please check -

    So I could say " Escalar montañas es el más divertido" or I could say "Escalar montañas es la divertida de las tres activades" Is that correct? Or I still confused?

  • Spanish-SraJMcGin please check -

    For the last part, are you saying "climbing" is the most fun? Escalar es el más divertido.

    OR, the most fun of the 3 activities? la más divertida de las tres actividades?

    Did you have a model/pattern to follow? Only by knowing what your textbook wanted you to know, can I be certain what you were expected to do.

    What textbook/workbook do you have? Look for the explanation of the grammar you are doing and all good textbooks provide a model sentence (or model sentences) of what you are to do. May I see that, please?


  • Spanish-SraJMcGin please check -

    I see you haven't gotten back to me yet. If you do later, please enter it as a New Question, because each time I read the board I begin with what I have not yet read.


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