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“The price of greatness is responsibility” – Winston Churchill. Responsibility is a duty or obligation to satisfactorily perform a task that one must complete and should be able to accept the consequences if failed. It is acknowledging that you are solely responsible for the decisions you make. I made the decision to be homeschooled and take care of Nathan, at age 16. Yes, you might think that that was too young for a teenage girl, but I was ready and I knew the current situation at home was too difficult for my parents to handle alone. I knew it was my turn to step in for the family and give them all I had to help out. My mother knew I was responsible, but I just needed to prove it, so she could be reassured that her one and only son could be taken care of. I thought that being responsible would be simple and maybe a little fun, boy, I wrong. Being responsible meant making sure Nathan was fed, changed, and just generally made sure that he didn’t get in any kind of trouble. I made sure he was fed three times a day, with snacks included of course. We usually had fun with that, if we were having goldfish, I would make it swim to his mouth. Changing was no fun at all, but it was my responsibility to make sure he was squeaky clean. Making sure Nathan didn’t get in trouble was kind of a big thing for me. He was always taking something apart or going through our kitchen drawers. He would pull out all the folded laundry of the shelves, would pull our scrapbook paper out, and at one point opened the fridge and climbed into there to get some cheese sticks. This kid was a handful, even I admit that. But I did learn how to manage him without going crazy or haywire.

  • WRITing -

    fun; boy, I was wrong

    laundry of the shelves = laundry off the shelves

    handful, even = handful; even (2 separate sentences)

    Good for you!


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