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does harvard have everything ????

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    anyways i don't think harvard have art ot creative writing my friend was right but this doesnt make any sense then how come it said Harvard Arts AND my teachers said they do

    grrrr never mind

    is their any art and creative wriitng school


    i want to get a better education so going 2 a one of the time best art and creative writing skools then that way i can get a better education


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    What is the best university for art and creative writing in ny?

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    You're asking about two entirely different fields of study. In the next few years, I'm sure you'll realize whether you want to study the fine arts (painting) or creative writing.

    Check these sites.




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    I remember when I was applying to schools. A friend of mine applied to Harvard, so I thought I would too. I stopped filling out the application when they asked for all the books I had read in the past year. Didn't think 50 science fiction novels would impress them. Got accepted to MIT and Cornell, though...

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    THANK U SOOOO MUCH !!!!!!!!!

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