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A generator uses a coil that has 280 turns and a 0.45-T magnetic field. The frequency of this generator is 60.0 Hz, and its emf has an rms value of 120 V. Assuming that each turn of the coil is a square (an approximation), determine the length of the wire from which the coil is made.

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    Use the induced E.M.F. to get the product N*A, where A is the coil area and N is the number of turns (280).

    Erms = N*w*A*B/sqrt2

    w = coil angular frequency = 377 rad/s
    The 1/sqrt2 factor relates the rms voltage to the amplitude.
    B = 0.45T

    You already know N so that gives you the value of A. The length of a side of the square loop is sqrtA.

    4*N*sqrtA is the length of wire.

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    2(pi)(frequency) = w

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