algebra 2 word problem

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1) a fitness club advertises a special for new members. each month of membership cost $19, with an initial enrollment fee of $75.00. write an expression for the total cost. Then evaluate your expression for 8 months of membership
i wrote:
$75.00 + 19m = ?
$75.00 + 19(8)= $227.00
is that right?

2) a cellular telphone company charges $40 per month plus $35.00 activation fee. Write an expression for the total cost. Then evaluate your expression for 10 months of service.
i wrote:
$35.00 + $40(s) =
$35.00 + $40(10) = $435.00 for ten months
is that right?

  • algebra 2 word problem -

    yes both are right

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