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This is my poem. :P Does it fit into the theme of loneliness?

Loneliness Never Sleeps.
I scream, call for help, my lungs frozen in ice
I can't breathe, I'm alone, my screams don't suffice
My heart pounding hard, wishing someone would hear
I begin to taste my biggest fear
My loneliness; it slithers in like a snake
The effects so grim, it makes fire look fake
Its wicked silhoutte conceals me, being here to stay
My heart, as quick as a mouse, flutters away
As my now empty chest begins to mourn,
I realize happiness must be adjourned
The damage has been done, so I begin to cry
Crystal tears that are never meant to dry.

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    Yes, it certainly fits the theme of loneliness.

    Who is the author?

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    Me. Is it okay?

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    Wow i write poetry and i have to say this is a great poem

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    Haha thank you.(:

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    It looks great!

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    Thank you! :)

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    welcome :)

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    WOW! You are a very good poet!

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    I am doing an assignment in class, and I need to find a poem that relates to the poet in my lesson in either a stylistic, thematic, or historical way. And I was wondering, if I could possibly analyze this poem for my assignment?

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