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A particle of mass 5 kg is acted upon by a horizontal force of magnitude 16 N for 8 seconds, in which time it moves from rest until it is traveling with a speed v m/s. The particle continues to move with this speed for the next 15 seconds. it is brought to rest by the application of a constant resisting force of magnitude Y newtons. The total distance travelled is 1000 m.
2.Find v.
3. what is the total distance travelled while accelerating and traveling at a constant speed?
4. what is the rate at which the speed if the particle decreases before it comes to rest?
5.Find Y.

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    A "rocket car" is launched along a long straight track at = 0 . It moves with constant acceleration = 1.7 . At = 2.2 , a second car is launched with constant acceleration = 8.7 .

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