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I forgot to add the following sentences. Thank you.

1) Sybil is Dorian's love interest (I need to check this). She is an actress who belongs to a poor family (who was born into a poor family).
2) She is no longer an artist at the eyes of Dorian. In Dorian's opinion she is no longer an artist.
3) Don't translate wordly (word for word) from Italian into English
4) Try not to be influenced by his behaviour.
5) They don't agree with his ideas.
6) He tells him that she had (or has) committed suicide.
7)Acting was the only reason for her life (?) . Since she met Dorian acting has gone (??) in the second place.
8) The next day (or on the next day?) he writes a letter to Sybil to excuse himself for being rude to her.
9) She admits that she has fallen in love (also falling in love) with Dorian.

  • English -

    2) in the eyes, not at

    3) not wordly; you might use "literally"

    7) has gone to 2nd place

    8) is falling


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