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31. brenda is 15 years old. She is 5 ft. 6 in. tall and weighs 140 lbs. What is her BMI?
a. 20.31
b. 21.40
c. 22.59
d. 24.63

33. In which of the following ways are anorexia and bulimia the same?
a. Both are disorders in which the person is very concerned about his or her body weight
b. both are disorders in which the person appears very thing
c. both are disorders in which the person has bloodshot eyes and a sore throat
d. Both are disorders that always lead to starvation and death

49. Depressants are especially dangerous because
a. at high doses, the user may be at a risk for a coma
b. long-term use can lead to chronic bronchitis
c. it causes seizures
d. its effects on the body can go undetected


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    33. Right.

    49. Sorry, but I couldn't find the answer to this one (except I'm sure it's not b).

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    Still need help with #49, but thank you


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    You're welcome

    Please post # 49 again. Perhaps another tutor can help you then.

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