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Can you please check these sentences, too? Thank you very much for your invaluable help.
1)In his panegiric on beauty Lord Henry says that when people grow old, they become hollow-cheecked, dull-eyed and sallow.
2) The corrupted image on (or in) the painting (picture) stands for the dark side of Dorian's personality.
3) The Aesthetes (also Aesthetic writers) believed that art didn't have any didactic purpose.
4) He wishes that the portrait would age in his place whereas he could (is "could" a conditional form here?)remain young.
5) Art should provide pleasure rather than convey any sentimental messages. (any + plural?) also a sentimental message?
6) Dorian, a beautiful young man, fascinates a painter, Basil Hollward, who decides to portray him.
7) He doesn't feel guilty of (for?) rejecting Sybil.
8) in the 19th century OR in 19th century??

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    1) cheeked (spelling)

    2) of the painting

    4) , whereas (comma before)

    5) I'd use singular. "not any/not even one"

    7) for

    8) In the 19th century


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