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You see I have this weekly assignment for english which is a journal entry. Every week on monday she gives us a a journal entry topic to write about & it always due on friday, so for this week topic is: If you could visit with a historical figure for a day, who would it be & why? I want to write on a person who is a historical figure but that is a artist or a writer. I can't seem to find any so I'm asking you guys if you guys know a website on historical figures that is a artist. This is a huge part of my grade so if I get a 0 it will affect my average for english & GPA.

Please Help

Thank You !!! :)
PS: This is due friday

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    Leonardo da Vinci

    Edgar Allan Poe
    Ernest Hemingway

    There are lots and LOTS!!

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    If you search on google what are some historical figures you may find some. I did find some but I don't want to use any copyright

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    August then give me the site

    Thank you writeacher I go read about them for my journal entry

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    You're welcome. Of them all, Michelangelo is the most interesting, in my opinion!!

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    Here are some people Alan Rufus,Mir Osman Ali Khan,Mir Osman Ali Khan... It's on wikipedia

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    Is there any historical figure artist that is like .... ok you know black history month right like I want an artist that is one of the black history month.

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    understand you opinion writeacher (that a cool name)

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    For Black History Month:

    Richard Wright

    anyone in the Harlem Renaissance

    Use Wikipedia to look them up and find other links at the bottom of each Wiki page.

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    Dred Scott

    Important to Black History is the story of John Brown. This abolitionist and fanatical anti slavery fighter led a famous raid on Harpers Ferry, and who became a martyr in parts of the North. Included here is Brown's last speech before he was led to the gallows.


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    who was the first black person to be an artist ???? or a writer (like writing stories & books) ???? I'm just asking

    I'll check Richard Wright

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    Richard Wright, Maya Angelou


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    OK Richard Wright is really interesting
    thank writeacher
    is there any for artist (black history people)

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    Robert Scott Duncanson artist

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    Thank You August Ms. Sue & Writeacher

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    OK umm... is there any Artist (black history woman)

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    Jones Lois Mailou, Amos Emma,Maynard, Valerie

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    Here are 10 African American female artists as written in an Essence article:



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    Thank You Guys !!!! :)
    I'm soo going to get a 100 AGAIN :)

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