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B. Write the complete predicate in each sentence. Underline the verb in the complete predicate.

1. People share beautiful parks.
2. They make plans for their neighborhood activities together.
3. Voters give their opinions on mayor issues.
4. Businesses advertise products on local billboards.
5. The chamber of commerce promotes business and tourism.

1. _share_ beautiful parks.
2. _make plans_ for their neighborhood
3. __ give opinions__ on mayor issues.
4. __advertise__products on local billboard.
5. I need help #5 plzzz

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    i think Promotes business and tourism

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    1. correct
    2. "plans" is not part of the verb.
    3. "opinions" is not part of the verb.
    4. correct.

    5. The predicate starts with the verb and continues to the end of the sentence.

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    2. Make plans for their neighborhood ___activities___ together.
    3.give opinions on mayor ___issues___.

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